TruckPurchasing a membership is easy!  You just fill out our secure form online, and pay by Credit Card – then, we will send you your membership card and package in the mail.  Once you have your card you are covered all across North America – from Alaska to Florida, from Quebec to California.

You can click here to signup now.  

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Read below for an example and explanation of each step.

Items you will need to complete the steps:

  • Drivers License numbers of everyone on the membership (you can add this later)
  • Your Vehicles License plate number, and vehicle model, type, year.
  • Your mailing address
  • A valid credit card to pay at the end

TruckStep 1, contact information:

On the first step, we require you name, Driver’s Licence, and mailing address.

How to Signup Step 1
How to Signup Step 2

TruckStep 2, select you membership type.

All of our memberships are described in detail here: Membership Types.

TruckStep 3, add your vehicle information.

If you select a Family Memership with an RV option, you could add 7 vehicles at this step, so get your information ready.

How to Signup Step 3